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Valet parking

Unlike the traditional forms of parking, where a Driver is singlehandedly looking for a place for his or her car, valet parking is a service that provides the greatest comfort for Drivers. A car is taken to a parking place by a highly qualified parking lot staff member. When a Driver is ready for the road the parking staff bring his/her car and pass the keys.

We recommend this service to hotels, restaurants and luxury shopping centers. Valet Parking provided by NET PARKING is not only a convenience for Drivers, but it also creates a good image of the object as well as good relations with Customers.


There are many options for individual adjustment of valet parking. In its realizations NET PARKING always chooses those most appropriate that meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.


Upon Customers request, we also supply professional equipment for valet parking.

Illuminated Valet podium and portable parking posts. The color of the post’s or podium’s backlight can be changed with a remote control.

We create the graphics of each Valet podium and post on request.

Design your unique Valet podium or information post.
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