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Parking systems


Power supply: 230 V +/- 10%

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power (standard/max. *): 50/650W

Operating temperature range: from -25 to +65 degrees C.

Dimensions: 1800x800x520mm

Weight: 140kg

The degree of protection: IP 44

* In case the heating is turned on

PS 200 is an automatic payment station, situated on the parking lots. It is a standalone terminal to receive parking fees.

It gives a receipt and the change.


According to the type of media the following models are produced:


PS200BP - for a ticket with a barcode and optical reader

2 PS200HBP - for tickets with a barcode, fold-up paper of 130-180 g/m with a motor-driven coding unit.

2 PS200MP - for tickets with magnetic code on paper of 130-180 g/m with a motor-driven coding unit.

PS200PP - for plastic MiFare cards with a motor-driven coding unit.



1. Logical arrangement of parts of the control allows easy operation of the paying unit

2. It has Smart Hooper to issue 4-8 types of coins depending on customer’s requirements

3. The banknote reader stores and gives the change in four types of banknotes

4. Easy 15" LCD touch screen

5. Any number of languages to choose from

6. Accepts 24 types of coins and/or tokens

7. Automatically closing inlet coins

8. Swap container for coins

9. A banknote system with up to 32 types of banknotes accepted in all four directions

10. STACKER - replaceable container for notes

11. Heater and cooler thermostatically controlled

12. Easy maintenance and access to the device

Available options:

• Unique, Mifare, HID or any kind of long-term customer RFID card readers, accepting rental fees,

• An option of receiving payments for services other than parking, confirmation of payment. with a receipt,

• Various types of intercom (analogue, digital, VoIP phone)

• Accepting payments through debit and credit cards with a magnetic stripe, EMV, PayPass,

• Displays: other sizes and types of LCDs, 7" touchscreens, twenty-digit seven-segment LCDs, ITP, after individual arrangements with the client.


Power supply: 24V DC

Consumption: 16mA (red), 12mA (green)

Power: 0.4W

Detection method: ultrasound wave rebound

Communication: RS485

Communication distance: up to 100m

Operating temperature range: -20 to +80 degrees C

Dimensions: 140x140x70mm

Weight: 178g

Installation height: 2m – 2.7m

The degree of protection: IP 43


ISO8 is an intelligent, multi-stage ultrasonic sensor with an integrated system of signaling the occupancy of parking space.


The sensor detects the distance between the receiver and a hard obstacle on the basis of ultrasonic waves.


The advantage of this sensor is that it detects objects at an angle, so it can be installed in an alley, thereby reducing the costs of installation of additional media.

ANPR – license plates recognition

ANPR software is the foundation of the entire application of license plate recognition. It is a solution specially prepared for integration with parking systems, in which the emphasis is on recognizing and remembering plate numbers.

Its versatility and functionality meets the Clients’ highest expectations.

Vehicle Tracking System

A system of sensors and cameras recognizing and recording the license plate numbers of the vehicle. Due to the parking occupancy sensors equipped with cameras the Vehicle Tracking System not only indicates whether the parking space is free, but can also help drivers find their car in the parking lot.

Vehicle Tracking System has two functions.

The ability to display occupancy of each parking space and the ability to find your own car.


The system is based on installing video detectors that scan license plate at each parking space. With parking terminals (left) installed in a shopping center or through a special mobile application, after entering the registration number of his vehicle the driver can pinpoint its location and get quick information which way to walk to the vehicle.


According to the Client's needs, there are many other possibilities for expansion of the functionality of the system.

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