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The aim of the NET PARKING company is to assist all customers in solving the problems with traffic and parking.


We develop and manage parking systems, parking spaces and other services related to traffic management.

PARKING NET staff has been working on establishing and maintaining customers' trust in the parking industry for nearly twenty years.

During many years of experience in building and developing the parking industry in Poland, NET PARKING representatives have had the pleasure to manage, implement and further develop companies on the Polish market such as: Poland Parking, Capital Parking, Poland Car Parking, Kingparking Int.

Our experience and traditions associated with the creation of the parking market allowed us to build a trustworthy and offering the highest quality services Polish company that exists to support any kind of project related to communication and traffic.

Marek Gonicki, Owner

Katarzyna Korman, Co-owner

A graduate of the University of London. His professional career started with the position of Manager in one of the prestigious hotels in London. After returning to Poland in the early 90s he was a Sales Office Manager at US West Poland, Sales Manager at PepsiCo and National Key Account Manager at Star Foods. At the end of the 20th century he began to develop parking market in Poland. Being the chairman of the board he developed and introduced to the market such companies as: Capital Parking, Parking Poland, Poland Car Parking (PCP) and Kingparking Int. The current company-Net Parking has been in existence for over 10 years and has become a  regional leader.
Privately, a father of two sons, fulfilling himself in his hobby-playing golf.

Attorney. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin. For several years has been running her own law firm providing services to businesses entities.

Grzegorz Trześniowski,
Regional director | Tel: 516 190 250

Sławomir Madziar, | Tel: 791 069 000

He graduated from the Rzeszów University of Technology at the Department of Computer Science. For many years, he has been gathering experience in the parking industry. He has worked in managerial positions at Poland Parking, Capital Parking and Poland Car Parking (PCP). Passionate about IT and new technologies. In NET PARKING, apart from being a Regional Director, he is responsible for ICT aspects.

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